We’re Cat & Mouse Games. Founded in 2016, we’re creating beautiful, story driven games full of unforgettable characters, breathtaking soundtracks, and the occasional playful feline.

Our current game, Bottle Epic, is a fantasy adventure story of heroes, destines, magic, and monsters… all told from the perspective of the bartender at their favorite tavern. As the owner of the ramshackle establishment, you’re far more concerned with paying rent, stocking the bar, and earning a five-star rating from the Critic’s Guild before the year is out. Whether it’s by bartering cheap ale for flavorful herbs, brewing moonshine in the basement, or managing the Third Annual Barbarians’ Drinking Contest, you’re going to have your work cut out for you to get the tavern and adjoining inn and stables up and running. And while you do it, you may just hear a few interesting things from the legendary heroes you’re pouring beer for…

Bottle Epic will be available in beta in early 2018; details will be posted here and on social media.